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< Be an admin architect />

Admin Architect - package for creating professional admin panels for laravel 5.

It provides everything you need for administration of a modern website.

Don't spend your time on the same code over and over again.

Expressive & beautiful syntax

Value elegance, simplicity, and readability? You’ll fit right in.
Admin Architect is designed for people just like you.

Modern Toolkit

Reactive development with impressive set of artisan commands.

Less Redundant and Efficient Code

Built with the Eloquent ORM in mind, so it won't get in the way of you using normal Eloquent features. Filters, Scopes, Relations - it's all up to you!

Easily Customized

Customize to suit the needs of your website, mobile applications or products. Take advantage of Laravel features and bring your product to life quickly.


It gets easier with scopes & flexible pages


Use scopes to create sections of mutually exclusive resources for quick navigation and reporting.

Use presenters to customize the look & feel of your data along all pages.


The default index screen is a table view, but you are free to change it for your business needs, as like as any other resource screen.

Organize your data as a single element, group of elements, or even as an external view.

Your imagination is the only limit!

New way to use widgets

Arange widgets in tabs, place them in one of four available sections, rank them by your own needs, feel free - do anything... Customize the View Resource sections with a simple DSL built in to Admin Architect.

Features & specifications

pinch of magic

Admin Architect is smart enough to build filters & scopes in a magic way, just based on eloquent model and table metadata.

handi navigation

Admin Architect allows you to create usable multilevel admin interfaces for your business.

API & Exports

Each resource that is registered wtih Admin Architect becomes available as JSON, XML and CSV download. Add your own formats, customize the output to meet your requirements.

Batch actions


Manage collections of items at the same time. Create as many "Batch actions" as you need.

Single actions


Need something more then just CRUD? Custom actions will help you to manage every single record in your screen in a different way.

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