Video Tutorials

Admin Architect - Installation 2:23


See how fast you can start using Admin Architect

Admin Architect - Resources 3:12


Resources are the starting point of Admin Architect

Admin Architect - Customize Resources 2:43

Customize Resources

Make resources unique to feed your business needs

Admin Architect - Filters & Scopes 2:28

Filters & Scopes

Use scopes & filters to create sections of mutually exclusive resources for quick navigation

Admin Architect - Actions & Permissions 1:58

Actions & Permissions

Manage collections of items at the same time or every single record in a different way

Admin Architect - Relations 3:23


Built with the Eloquent in mind. It won't get in the way of you using Eloquent features, like Relations.

Admin Architect - Dashboard 3:04


Readable user interfaces, showing a graphical presentation of the system states

Admin Architect - Settings


Create standalone settings pages for storing site data